The best preparation for IELTS Reading by Young Kim

The main features of this excellent book are:

1. The book starts with what is known as “Warm-up” to actually help even beginners of English to get access to reading English material.
2. The unique five- and six-step procedures – SSUPA and SSSUPA – enable learners to read passages with ease and comfort.
3. The six most common question types in the IELTS Reading test presented in the book will provide learners with their best test preparation and test taking.
4. Short passages of approximately 300 words have carefully been selected with the aim of gradually familiarising learners with longer and more academic reading passages.
5. Each item is presented in the same format throughout the book. In other words, each lesson consists of three sections starting with a brief overview, moving on to guided practice, and ending with free practice.
6. The step-by-step guide to find out correct answers has made this book become unique and different from others. This useful support will certainly facilitate learners and give them considerable confidence in improving their reading ability.
7. A detailed answer key is also provided at the end of the book to help learners to check their work and see their progress after learning and acting on valuable advice given in the previous parts.

Download the book from here. (Tas-iX)

This book is for introduction purposes only.  It is copyrighted.

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